Professional carpet repair in Cologne

If you want to have your carpet repaired by a specialist, the carpet repair in Cologne is the right place for you. The damaged areas on the carpet can be repaired in most cases. The specialist company can have many carpet repairs carried out for the carpet owner. This includes, among other things, repairing the fringes. With a valuable oriental carpet in particular, this is a decisive factor in the appearance of the carpet. It is also possible to remove the fringes if, for example, the customer is looking for a different look for his carpet in the future.

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Have damage repaired by a specialist

The carpet repair in Cologne, for example, can also pull in new fringes if only a few fringes are left on the carpet. Repairs also include reattaching the damaged side edges. Who does not know that curled up side edges are very annoying in the normal course of the day. The carpet repair in Cologne can fix the rolled up side edges. Anyone who moves and realizes that the carpet simply no longer fits in the new apartment can have the carpet repair specialist reduced in size. This saves new purchases, especially for high-quality and very expensive carpets, and customers can use their valuable carpets again on a smaller scale.

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Stabilize the base fabric

The repair activities of the specialist for carpet repairs also include the stabilization of the base fabric. As a result, fragile and older valuable carpets can be saved. Anyone who has been plagued by moth or other vermin knows that holes can appear in the carpet. The carpet repair specialist in Cologne can also restore the holes. The walking streets in an apartment or house often cause there to be expired areas on the carpet. The specialist can pad and renovate these expired areas on the owner’s carpet again

Repair other damage to the carpet

Anyone who owns dogs knows that dog bites can damage carpets. The specialist company for carpet repair can tie up the dog bite and thus save the carpet. Light damage to high-quality carpets can also be eliminated. Carpet braids can also be newly braided. The specialist company for carpet repair is responsible for every individual problem. Be it the moth holes or possible burn holes or other damage to the carpet, there is a solution for every problem. The carpets can also be re-tensioned by the specialist company. Tensioning can particularly remove waves in the carpet.

Prevent further damage

The owner of a carpet also wants to prevent further damage and stop damage. The carpet repair company can also stop the damage from spreading. Anyone who decides to repair a carpet at an early stage then keeps the costs within limits.


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